Private Pilot Flight Training


The Private Pilot License is usually the the first pilot license you will get. The Private Pilot Licensing process usually will take 2-3 months. It can be accomplished in as little as two to three weeks in an Accelerated Private Pilot Training Course.


Most Students will fly two lessons per week. In this case it will take you two to three months to complete your training. I recommend going through the course in a semi accelerated schedule of three to 4 lessons per week. In this case you can complete your Private Pilot Training in about 6 weeks.


The Private Pilot Training Course is based on Following hours of instruction.


35 Hours Flight Instruction

15 Hours of Solo Flight Training

10 Hours of Ground Training.

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Private Pilot Training Cost. The link to the left will explain how the cost is structured. I have written many pages on this since students don't realize the planning is the most important thing to do before you start your Private Pilot Training


Private Pilot Training Requirements. I have outlined the Private Pilot Requirements in detail here.

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Airfreddy's Private Pilot License Training Manual


Step By Step Guide on the Process of Learning to Fly an Airplane, becoming a pilot, and the Private Pilot License. This guide includes all FAA publications needed for the private pilot license

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